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We The Lifers is a relatively new underground store all about celebrating what some people may call a "phase" but they demand is for a lifetime. I've been dressing alternatively for nine years now, and while I'm still young and I know plenty of people who've been into underground culture for far longer than I, I know I am and always will be a lifer. I could never give up my piercings and listening to The Cure every day!


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Pins are up there as probably the most popular addition to jackets and vests. And there's no wonder why? They're easy to DIY. They're inexpensive. Actually stores usually send out cool free pins with packages all the time! They're the perfect way to add an accent to your outfit and to let everyone around know exactly who you are. Maybe it's just me but pins don't get the recognition they deserve. Here are some of my favourite pin designers around, check 'em out and let me know yours!

These are just few of the awesome pin designers around! Pin's have come so far, they aren't just round bad quality buttons, and the pin community is huge now! Just check out stores like Little Whip on Instagram. They're always sharing each others designs.

Pins from Cultural Void - Little Whip - The Hoodwitch

What are you waiting for? Let me know your favs!


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I've covered the gorgeous jewellery from Birds N Bones quite a few times now. How could I not? They create beautiful designs molded from real teeth, real animal remains and in the styles of such infamous creatures as dragons.

And guess what their next collection surrounds? Bugs. More specifically, darkling beetles. Just take a look at my favourite nine exclusive pictures from their collection that just hit their site today for newsletter subscribers! These are just my favourites. I love that they fit perfectly with that occult style.You know, hoods, Killstar leggings, long ethereal scarves!

This collection is just the first in their series of smaller collections revolving around a specific bug (how cool is the darkling beetle, though?). Just show the pieces you like the most some love and you might see them in a more permanent collection later this year.

The collection is available to newsletter subscribers exclusively on the 11th - 16th August, and opens publicly on the 17th August until 6st September.

Just take a look below and let me know which are your favourites. I'm in love with the long necklaces, especially the triangular shaped one!

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Ahhh! This jacket and this t-shirt. They're so beautiful and so comfy. I've wanted this vintage fringe jacket from Tunnel Vision for so long. They finally had a fifty percent off sale on their outerwear a couple weeks ago and I could no longer resist. This is the perfect addition to my collection of killer outerwear.

Oh and this t-shirt has been on my wishlist for a long time as well. It's by a BDSM inspired brand called Little Whip. I found out about them VIA An Honest Drug. You should check them out if you're into some more obscure fetish inspired clothing and pins. This is probably their most wearable-in-public t-shirt though. I would not recommend checking them out if you're a kid!

I'm wearing a vintage fringe jacket from Tunnel Vision, Little Whip t-shirt and a suspender skirt from Gypsy Warrior.

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So, I gave in! I shaved the side of my head. While growing out my side cut I I grew it out to around three/four inches but I couldn't make it! Maybe next time. I just love the feeling of having a shaved side of my head. Do you know that feel?