3 Steps to a Shopping Detox (and a Happier Closet)

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Here are some practical steps I've inadvertently taken that have made me happier with my closet and hopefully they'll work for you! Clothing and identity come hand in hand. Which means that sometimes we feel the pressure of fitting into which ever subculture we follow, or to staying up to date - that doesn't just mean following trends but consuming because we're "bored" or "unhappy" with our current closet. But in the end all that leads to is a wardrobe filled with clothes we never wear.

If you've been following this blog for a while you may know that I have deep-seated closet issues. That's why when I found Minimalism I was like, yesssss, finally something that speaks to me.

But the thing is that when you have so many issues with your closet it's hard to break away from them. And I even find myself falling back into them when I'm stressed or when I find a new YouTuber whose life looks oh-so-perfect on camera (note: no one's life is perfect, even if it seems to be).

So, let's get to it! Here are my practical steps that'll have you working towards good wardrobe habits! They're not necessarily minimalist, but are the kind of things that most of us forget to do!

ALT UPDATE | Struggles of a Goth in Summer, Crows Have Feelings, Punk Legends Now and Then, and More!

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What better way to welcome myself back into blogging than with a new post in my Alt Update series! I've successfully moved into my new place, but in the meantime I've been spending a lot of time trawling Facebook and other sites for spooky posts and alternative news. This time around we have:


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Blouse is thrifted (originally from Cotton On)
Vegan leather shorts by Bad Vibes
Mod Boot from Nasty Gal
Bucket bag from Gypsy Warrior

This is a different kind of day to night. My camera battery has been playing up, it won't charge properly, and so when I was finally able to take these pictures there were only a specks of sunlight left in the day. By the time I was done the sun had completely set behind the horizon and I was working by the light of streetlamps. It think the vastly different light gives a more personal touch to the photos (I'm pretty sure you can see every wrinkle on my face in the close ups) but it's also not the best lighting for showing off my shoes (sorry my leopard babies!).


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Holy hell, where have I been? It's only appropriate that I return from my little two week hiatus with a retail therapy wishlist because I've been a massive stress ball all this month. I'm trying to work two jobs, move into my new apartment, all while doing Uni work, keeping this blog updated, and staying sane. I got to a point where I wasn't reading anything (I didn't have the time to read anything), and so I wasn't inspired to write or create anything! I haven't even been shopping, and that's saying something.


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It's that time again, where we update ourselves on whats happening in the Alternative scene and online! We have a little bit of Tesco drama and a lot of flashbacks into some original alt scenes. As usual, let me know your thoughts and let me know your links to your favourite pieces of news. This is a community after all!

For more awesome links that relate to alternative lifestyles check out my past Alt Update posts!