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I've been watching Clueless non-stop. Cher may be totally clueless but she's also devilishly witty and so positive in the face of any challenge.

I've been wearing anything I can find on Dollskill! Their catalogue has been killing it. It's the perfect combination of oddball and wearably alternative. Plus, I love the dark preppy vibe.

I've been eating an Australian classic, Vegemite and my favourite vegan cheddar cheese on toast. Literally every day!

I've been doing a lot of guitar playing! Did I mention this on the blog already? I started playing guitar when I was in high school. I've had an obsession with School of Rock for ever. But I had a killer music teacher in my senior years of highschool and gave up. Recently I've started playing again and I'm getting way better than I ever was before.

I've been loving everything Halloween. Especially pumpkin and cinnamon scented candles and my new skeleton friend!

I've been reading Gala Darling's Radical Self Love. I picked up this book a million years ago. But I've only recently started reading it. More than a lesson in self-love, it's been giving me decor ideas as well.

What have you been loving this month? You can't tell me you're not at least excited for Halloween! I can't believe October's almost half way over!


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Ahhhh! The Halloween season is finally and truly among us! How hype are you?

I had the best day! Browsing Halloween stores with the best friend, rocking this amaaaazing shirt that Kate's Clothing sent me (it has pumpkins on it!), shooting this outfit at the cemetery, and finishing the day by catching a horror movie with the boyfriend.

I'm posting this a day earlier than I usually do because a). I loved it too much to hold back and b). because Kate's Clothing has given me a killer Halloween coupon code. Just use the code 'HALLOWEEN' for 10% off. It only lasts until the 31st of October, so you better be quick and get spooky!


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A witchy wardrobe update has been long overdue.

I've spent a while cutting back and cutting back again, getting  my wardrobe down to the barest of essentials, but it's time to start having fun again. What's this obsession humans have with yo-yo shopping. One minute we're practicing restraint, and the next I'm buying the entire catalogue of Dollskill.

Here are some tips that I've found have helped me update my wardrobe for the better. Which means wearing more of what I have, and helping my buy as I go!


Firstly, I've started this wardrobe update by physically building myself a new wardrobe. In my new (not so new to me anymore) apartment we have a spare room. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. First it was a computer room, then it was where I displayed all of my oddities. But I've finally figured out that it was meant to be my new wardrobe and office.

So far, so good! I want every part of my place to be useful. What's the use of having extra space if I don't take full advantage of it?

It gives me the perfect room to take in my entire wardrobe at once, which is a great tool for figuring out whether I will wear something or if it goes with my overall style. I guess it helps that my colour scheme is primarily black.


Who needs an inspiration board when you can have an inspiration wall?

This room is going to be my place for inspiration and organisation. It's already making me more excited to get dressed in the morning, Cher from Clueless style.

Maybe you've noticed but in that picture above my clothing racks are framing an entirely empty and blank wall. I want to do something over the top - which is something I don't do a lot in my minimalist decorating - and plaster as many inspirational and beautiful posters, images and photos that I can find. Obviously it's going to take a while!


And secondly, it's summer. It's a time for wardrobe updates. To try new things and buy bits and pieces that I won't melt in!

At the moment I'm only delving deeper into nineties fashion, Going a little out of the bog with colour and combining my more grungy style with pieces like Cher would wear in Clueless.


Lastly, lots of these pieces that you'll be seeing me wearing soon (hopefully) are very similar to clothes I've worn in the pass. That's because ultimately, it's time to update my basics. Basics that I've literally worn to death. For example the red velvet dress, great for any whether, and my updated version is actually a romper, so I won't have to worry about windy days! And of course some new favourites, like my first ever romper!


I've read just as many, if not more, posts and articles and interviews on how to update a wardrobe whether that's for season or for a change of self. The one thing I find wrong about each of them - including my own to some extent - is that they try to turn the art of personal style into a certain number of garments that each person needs to own. You need five shirts - one collared, one interesting for going out, a white t-shirt, a black t-shirt, blah, blah, blahh.

Getting dressed is supposed to be fun. My goal is to experiment, stop boxing myself up into a big "witchy items only + band tees" kind of box - although it's a box I love! - and have fun trying new things!

What do you think? Is it time for a wardrobe update, whether mental, physical or moral? Let me know how you and your closet are fairing. And tell me how you'd add a little inspiration to your own walk in wardrobe?


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Is it too far to say that I feel these stripes depict the amount of vertigo I've been through over the winter. Too deep? Too convoluted? As I mentioned in my last post on how to express your inner Goth kid, I've not been feeling myself lately. Which is why I decided to force myself to get out my camera and throw myself out of my comfort zone.


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Dude, I have been feeling so uninspired lately. Maybe you've noticed. I haven't been posting as often as I have in the past. In all honesty, since I've moved and been dealing with some serious anxiety issues I feel like I haven't been myself! (Does winter do that to anyone else?)

More recently I've been feeling better and getting my life in check.

But in lieu of getting back to being me here are 30 things I want to try to remember my inner goth kid or simply just to find my way back to having an inspired lifestyle!