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I guess I just have a thing for indie brands that sell similar black t-shirts with occult prints. It all began with Blackcraft and now it's onto Black Hope Curse. I blame Dollskill's huge array of occult style clothes. How dare you provide for people with my sensibilities!

Here is Australia we're finally getting into summer. Which is the time of the year I start getting nostalgic (and jealous of America's) fall season. So be prepared to see some odd summery Halloween inspired, layered and certainly olive outfits.

Are you feeling the season? Or maybe like me, you're feeling someone else's?

I'm wearing a Black Hope Curse singlet VIA Dollskill, Gypsy Warrior shorts, olive button up blouse from Kmart, vertebrae necklace from BirdsnBones Jewellery, and Matisse vegan floral boots from Dollskill

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I've been working on creating a new background in my new place where I can take outfit photos. It takes me quite a lot of time to get my head around working the light and angles in a new space, which is why my posts have been far and few between, especially in regard to outfits.

An idea I've been working on has been a wall filled with cool prints! It's not particularly unique - every Youtuber basically does it. But to me, wall art has never been an easy decorating point for me. So when I found out about Society6 and took the time to look through their print selection, it made it so much easier for me to make my own theme.

If you know anything about me - or have been reading this blog for a while - you'll know I loveee flowers. Which is a major aspect. I also love vintage photos and eighties style clothing. Which I think all of these prints takes into play. Oh, and animals!

Hopefully my wall of prints turns out and you'll be seeing it soon with lots of new outfits for the blog! In the meantime, are you a print fan? What do you decorate your walls with?


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A couple years ago I won a giveaway from another alternative blogger where I won a bunch of Halloween candles from Bath and Body Works. I was heartbroken when I found out I can't order them in Australia. They were so delicious smelling - pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla; what more could you want? Well, I found a great alternative.


Now Urban Outfitters doesn't get a lot of Halloween decorations, but what they do get is versatile, usually wearable and (best of all) ships worldwide. They have a lot of killer masks - that Frankenstein mask is super cool - and lots of t-shirts. Oh, and I don't know what it is about Halloween and catsuits but for some reason that's a huge thing online clothes stores sell a lot of during Halloween.

Just check here for more of their range. I hope to post more little snippets of the clothing and costume side of Halloween shopping. I mean, I would totally show my Halloween pride by wearing a pumpkin shirt year round!


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Now, I'm not one to jump on bandwagons, but while watching Grav3yard Girl's recent video in the tag How I Did my Makeup In Highschool it really got me thinking about the makeup I wore in highschool, and how absolutely terrible it was!