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In case you don't know, I'm a horror fan and a half. What am I talking about, how could you not know?

As such, lately I've been obsessively looking into horror boxes. The thing about mystery boxes that gets me, is that you never know whether the box is worth the price. You know, worth the price in your life. The Horror Block is my current top runner, but I haven't decided 100%. In lieu of committing, here's what I would want in my own ideal horror box!


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Finally, the semester is over and I'm back to this whole blogging thing! This outfit is pretty simple, but it's a combination I've been wearing a lot lately. Oh, and do you notice anything different about me? I'm in the middle of growing out my undercut and have been experimenting with "normal" hair styles. What do you think?


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Bare with me while I get used to taking photos in my new apartment. Although, it's promising that we live right down the road from my favourite old-timey graveyard - how cool is that?

Speaking of cool, it was very cool of True Corset to send me one of their, you-named-it, corsets to wear and review. If you've been following this blog from the beginning (I know some of you are still out there!) you'll know that I used to be quite the corset connoisseur. This is probably my fifth corset overall. Over the years I've changed to prefer a more toned-down and casual look, which is why I attempted to style this baby in a more everyday Goth look. It's surprisingly wearable (although, not in the winter weather that us Australian's are currently experiencing).


 photo GLAMampGOREppp_zpsyxeaawe6.jpg Last Halloween I dabbled in some special FX by producing a series of horror outfits while covered in stitched up wounds, burns and general gore. Obviously, I'm just a beginner! But I'm obcessed with watching tutorials and videos by some online personalities that are far from beginners! Here are my favourite YouTube Special FX artists that create amazing tutorials on how to transform yourself into a monster! We all need to get started on our own Halloween costumes after all, there's only 156 days left until October 31st!

3 Steps to a Shopping Detox (and a Happier Closet)

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Here are some practical steps I've inadvertently taken that have made me happier with my closet and hopefully they'll work for you! Clothing and identity come hand in hand. Which means that sometimes we feel the pressure of fitting into which ever subculture we follow, or to staying up to date - that doesn't just mean following trends but consuming because we're "bored" or "unhappy" with our current closet. But in the end all that leads to is a wardrobe filled with clothes we never wear.

If you've been following this blog for a while you may know that I have deep-seated closet issues. That's why when I found Minimalism I was like, yesssss, finally something that speaks to me.

But the thing is that when you have so many issues with your closet it's hard to break away from them. And I even find myself falling back into them when I'm stressed or when I find a new YouTuber whose life looks oh-so-perfect on camera (note: no one's life is perfect, even if it seems to be).

So, let's get to it! Here are my practical steps that'll have you working towards good wardrobe habits! They're not necessarily minimalist, but are the kind of things that most of us forget to do!